Wednesday, January 10, 2007

M51 - The Whirpool Galaxy

The Whirlpool Galaxy it's a bit difficult to find in the Ursa Major.
In fact this one, is not one but two galaxies colliding each other.

This galaxy is very faint in a polluted sky, so you need a dark sky to observe it in the best conditions.

M27 - The Dumbbell

Easy to spot in the Vulpecula, near Sagita. It's one of the biggest planetary nebulas (dead star remains) but isn't very bright.

A hole in the moon

This is my only sketch of our satellite, more will come in the future. Made with ink pen with no rough sketch.

The hardest part was afterwards when i tried to identify the crater, i was unable to do it, so i had to ask for some help. The moon libration (the moon balancing) difficults the identification afterwards.

Thank you Marcelo for your assistance.

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